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Reconnect to Self, Community and Nature for Healing

Restorative and Creative Practices for Authentic Connection


Meet Your Guides

Amber Ellis

I grew up in Powhatan County, Virginia. The backyard of our family home was filled with big trees and a tiny stream that I enjoyed exploring. I currently live in the City of Richmond, Virginia. I believe what the world needs most right now is the space to hear our own voice, nurture our relationship with the natural world, and authentically connect with others. I have worked in the conservation world for over 15 years. I understand the urgency of healing our planet, the stresses that can come along with environmental work, and I feel deeply for my earth loving community's well being. I have struggled with anxiety since my early 20s and want to share the practices I've gathered so we can heal and grow together. That’s why I started Find Your Nature. 

The Earth

I am the world around and in you. The water, soil, air, rocks, trees, animals, people, sunshine, rain drops…I’ve been around for at least 4.5 billion years and have witnessed a lot of changes. I feel the most alive when I am in relationship with all the beings that call Earth home. Through Find Your Nature, I will be one of your guides. You can look to me when you feel lost, want to celebrate, need a moment to breathe, want to connect with your voice…I am here and excited for us to get to know each other more.

Meet Amelia
What is FYN?

Group Session

What is Find Your Nature?

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Our earth is in need of healing. Those who are working towards its healing are at risk for, or already experiencing, overwhelm, discouragement, and sometimes a loss of personal relationship with nature. Our mission is to hold authentic restorative spaces for people to powerfully care for themselves, others, and the natural world. We offer individual coaching and small group sessions.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or medical doctor. Our coaching services do not replace the care of healthcare professionals. If you are curious if you need professional support, please see the Resources page.

Evidence supports the Benefits of Nature Connection

Florence Williams, in her book The Nature Fix, reports the following findings from research:

  1. After five minutes in a forest surrounded by trees, the heart rate slows, facial muscles relax, and the prefrontal cortex quiets.

  2. Water and birdsong improve mood and alertness.

  3. Spending 15 minutes in nature can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

  4. Spending time in natural landscapes increases alpha waves in the brain, which are associated with calm and alertness.

  5. Spending an hour and a half in nature reduces rumination and helps us to be less preoccupied with problems.

  6. Spending two hours (120 minutes) per week in nature can make us happier and boost overall health and well-being.




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